New, Norwegian print chain established

A new, Norwegian print chain has been estabilshed. is a new Norwegian print chain, established by Skipnes Kommunikasjon in Trondheim.

Grafkom has been talking to CEO Geir Hagen of Skipnes Kommunikasjon, who confirms that the first Norwegian printers already are onboard.

“There are many smaller players around the country that have been reducing their own production the last years. We believe many of these printers will see the advantages of being a part of a larger chain that can offer everything. We also believe the same firms will benefit from joint marketing campaigns and being a part of a larger group,” says Hagen to Grafkom.

Hagen hopes to get 10 partners in place shortly. Printers joining the new chain will get the following benefits:

• Joint markerting
• More products and services available
• Training and professional input
• Social meetings and access to a larger network of printers
• Access to many sustainability certifications
• Joint purchase of materials
• Reduced investment needs
• Own portal for orders

“With the establishment of this chain, we hope that smaller printers can continue to play an important role in local communities around the country and hereby maintain local jobs. In order to succeed with this, they will get access to more products and services, joint marketing, training, environmental certifications, joint purchase of materials and reduced investment needs,” Skipnes says on its webpage.

All members of the print chain commit to print “a large part of their offset production at Skipnes.” Furthermore, Skipnes will offer members all necessary environmental certifications, i.e. “Trykt i Norge”.  Skipnes also hopes to  offer carbon offseting per order shortly.