Recruitment – a growing industry problem

Grafiska Företagen – the Swedish employer association – has recently conducted a recruitment survey in the industry. Accordring to the survey, the industry in Sweden is planning to employ 1,000 new workers in the coming two years. And already now, the companies report that it is increasingly difficult to attract people. This is reported by Grafiska Företagen.

In a survey conducted by Grafiska Företagen, the member companies say that they have during the last year carried out so-called “replacement recruitments”, meaning replacing employees  that have left the company. Going forward, the firms report that there is a need for recruitment of new competencies as a result of more business.

“This is a clear change in recruitment policy in an industry that has gone through some major changes in light of the digitalisation process in society. During the last decades, many companies have closed down, consolidated and some have changed their business model completely. It feels very good to ascertain that our members now have a distinct positive attitude towards the future,” says Eva Glückman, CEO of Grafiska Företagen.

In the survey, 50 per cent say that they experience difficulties finding qualified candidates.