Further growth for Gelato – Cloudprinter raises 7 mln euro

Norwegian-based platform print company Gelato’s growth is continuing. In 2021, the company’s turn over increased significantly as the print provider posted sales of NOK 865 million – up from NOK 630 million in 2020.

Gelato is first and foremost experiencing growth in their platform services, which connect print buyers with shops and producers of printed products.

“We are proud of being able to make a difference to creators and entrepreneurs, and we are very happy to see the enormous interest to produce through our platform,” says founder and CEO Henrik Müller-Hansen in a commentary.

Müller-Hansen adds that more than 12,000 web shops are now using Gelato for their production and logistics.

Read more on grafkom.no (In Norwegian).

Cloudprinter raises €7M in seed funding

At the same time, Ukrainian-, Dutch-based start-up Cloudprinter.com raises nearly €7M in seed funding to grow its global print API platform. This is reported by the company on their web page.

Cloudprinter.com offers a print network consisting of more than 170 print partners, providing local print on demand in more than 104 countries and brings the supply chain closer to the end customer. Cloudprinter.com currently employs 80 people and operates in more than 104 countries. With the funding raised, Cloudprinter.com strives to expand its sales and product teams and sustain its 300% growth rate from 2021 to 2022.