Two big M&A deals in Norway

There have been two major M&A deals in the Norwegian market over the summer, adding to the industry consolidation that has been going on lately.

Norwegian firm Artisti AS is acquiring Andvord Grafisk AS and merging the company with one of their daughter companies, Artisti Campaign AS. The deal implies a joint ownership where Artisti AS gets 50,1 %, Swedish Parajett AB, the former owner of Andvord, keeps 28,2 % and other share holders holds 21,7 %. This is reported by Artisti on their web page.

In another acquisition, LOS Digital in Larvik acquires all shares in Renessanse Media AS. With the purchase, LOS Digital aims at creating a post-press hub including hard-cover production. CEO Eirik Andersen of LOS Digital says to Grafkom that his company with the purchase will have a complete hard cover production line which will be highly competitive for circulations up to 2-3000 books.

You can read more about these M&A deals at Media Monitor (In Norwegian).

Artist > Andvord

LOS Digital > Renessanse Media