Norway: Skipnes Trykkeri is offsetting all of their 2023 emissions

Skipnes Trykkeri AS in Trondheim, Norway has signed an agreement with Grafkom about carbon offsetting. The print house has for 2023 chosen to offset all their own carbon emissions (Scope 1 and 2), and all purchased material and services (Scope 3). 

The offset scheme is done through Grafkom’s partner World Land Trust and is carried out by protecting threatened rain forests. Skipnes Trykkeri contributes to protecting more than 52,000 m2 of rain forest in Vietnam, Ecuador and Mexico.

“There are two main reasons for why we are doing this. Firstly, all companies have a responsibility to contribute to a better world, that applies to us at Skipnes also.  Secondly, we realize that our clients expect us to have a strong focus on sustainability. Carbon offsetting through the World Land Trust is one of several sustainability efforts we are working on, and we are very proud of being able to deliver carbon neutral printed matters to all of our clients,” says CEO Geir Hagen of Skipnes Trykkeri.

Skipnes Trykkeri has calculated its own, direct emissions including transport, and the firm has also chosen to include purchased material and services, such as paper. (Scope 3). Hagen explains that Scope 3 (paper) by far make up the largest part of their emissions.

“We are very happy to welcome Skipnes Trykkeri to this project. We are experiencing much more interest in carbon offsetting now than when we launched the project in 2021. Sustainability is more important than ever for the print buyers out there,” says Magnus Thorkildsen of Grafkom, which markets Carbon Balanced Paper in the Nordics.

Carbon Balanced Paper is an international project which is run by Grafkom in the Nordics and Baltics. Grafkom is also publishing this news letter.

Through Carbon Balanced Paper you can offset specific paper based products or your entire business/company – in an easy way. Read more about Carbon Balanced Paper here.