Grjotheim new chairman in Nopa

Håvard Grjotheim, currently chairman of book printer Scandbook, has been elected new chairman of Nopa. Grjotheim replaces Peder Schumacher of V-TAB, who steps down after several years in the leading position. This was decided at the annual meeting of Nopa in Oslo late March.

Furthermore, Nopa is no longer The Nordic Offset Printers’ Association. The general assembly decided to change its name to The Nordic Printing Association, as digital printing is increasing among most of its members.

The autumn meeting will be held in Dresden/Berlin November 8-9, and includes company visits at Flyeralarm and KBA.

The new board will consist of Håvard Grjotheim, Rob Bosman of Contiweb (The Netherlands), Lasse Lerche of Sappi (Finland), Gert Nielsen of Erritsø Tryk (Denmark), Tom B. Norland of Ålgård Offset (Norway), Thomas Sandström of Daily Print (Sweden) and Visvaldis Troksa of PGM (Latvia).