Norske Skog: Ombudstvedt resigns, long production stop at Saugbrugs

Norske Skog is conducting management changes at the top: Company veteran Sven Ombudstvedt resigns, and is replaced by 38 year old Tore Hansesætre. The latter is today acting group head of strategic projects and leads the work with developing Norske Skog’s packaging division. This is reported by Norwegian paper Finansavisen.

“Norske Skog has a new main share holder and a new chair man, and he has made a decision. This resulted in a process where he asked me to step down. […] This is not a dramatic decision, and I have so far not recieved any long explantion. It’s a choice he has made, and I am fine with that. I have no problem with the outcome, it is a part of the game in these kind of positions,” says former CEO Ombudstvedt.

Accident at the Saugbrugs plant in Norway

Simultaneously, the company reports that parts of the Saugbrugs plant in Halden in Norway has been destroyed after a rock slide.

“We are trying to get an overview and if there are risks of further slides,” says head of communications, Norske Skog, Carsten Dybvig.

The rock slide hit the PM6 building and severe damages were noted on the building. 21 employees were at work when the incident happened, but no one got hurt.

Last: Norske Skog writes in a stock exchange note that they expect a “longer production halt” for the PM6 machine. 

PM6 is the largest of the the two paper machines at Saugbrugs, with a capacity of 260,000 tonne SC magazine paper a year.