Visutech to sell Fujifilm across the Nordic region

Visutech is expanding its portfolio by including a large part of Fujifilm’s graphic products and services.

This includes everything from sheet-fed toner presses, inkjet machines and print heads for roll-based systems to industrial solutions for the packaging sector.

“When it comes to machinery and soutions, our focus will primarily be on production machines and solutions for the graphic sector in addition to industrial players within the packaging field,” says Johan Lidström of Visutech to Branschkoll.

Solutions for large format printing, launched by Fujifilm recently, is not a part of the deal so far.

Visutech will also continue to sell both HP Indigo and the inkjet printers from Kyocera.

“Our customers have asked for a broader portfolio, and we are now able to offer them a complete solution for the printing industry,” says Johan Lidström.

Across the Nordic region

Visutech is present across the entire Nordic region with service, support and sales. The agreement with Fujifilm is also valid for all Nordic countries.

“We are humble, but of course – we hope we will see a little growth pains going forward. We are in the middle of changing times and we therefore need more alternatives, something we really get with this agreement,” Lidström adds.

New Fujifilm models include toner-based machines in the Revoria series and the inkjet model Jetpress, which are utilized both by sheet-fed printers and the packaging industry.

Revoria will later be launched in a version that will be able to print on sheets larger than B2 and up to 600 microns.

Fujifilm also has roll-based inkjets for books, DM/DR and other similar applications.