Join NOPA to visit one of Europe’s most efficient sheetfed plants

Written by Lasse Krogell, Nopa.

About two years ago I wrote in this newsletter about Mr Ulrich Stetter, the man behind industrial sheetfed printing. Mr Stetter is the CEO of Druckhaus Mainfranken. This is one of the few extremely efficient sheetfed printing companies in Europe. They are the main printer for the online company Flyeralarm. Both Flyeralarm and Mainfranken´s own online service offer printing services also to other printers. In their marketing they ask, why print yourself if you can buy it cheaper from outside? Druckhaus Mainfranken runs five printing plants in Germany. Each specialised in their own product range.

I have seen sheetfed press production statistics from them, and they are really exceptional. Makeready times of 2 minutes and running speeds close to maximum even on very short runs.

NOPA is arranging its autumn meeting and seminar in Berlin combined with a trip to Dresden to visit Koenig & Bauer Sheetfed and Druckhaus Mainfranken. The seminar is on November the 8th and the trip to Dresden the following day.

At the seminar we will hear more about the German printing industry. A presentation by Mr. Paul Kundiger running a successful operation in Berlin. He was elected “Printer of the Year” in Germany two years ago. He says he is running his company quite differently than most printers. Certainly, a presentation worth listening to. On the seminar we will also hear an update of the paper market and have an interesting panel discussion.

I really encourage you to join. It is not often that we have the chance to visit one of Europe’s most efficient sheetfed plants. I have heard comments that the market for these printing plants is so different than the Nordic and Baltic domestic markets so you can not learn from them. Sure the market is different but still there is a lot for everyone to see and hear and take home to develop the own operation with the aim to be the strongest in the local market. We don’t have to compete with companies like Druckhaus Mainfranken, we just have to be the most competitive in the local market.

I really hope to see you in Berlin and Dresden in November.

Lasse Krogell