Finnish Punamusta is divesting its media division – will focus on print going forward

Finnish giant Punamusta is divesting its newspaper business, and will focus more on print and graphic communication going forward. The goal for the graphic communication business is a turn over of 140 mln euro within three years. This is reported by Branschkoll.

The “new” Punamusta aims at a turn over of 140 mln euro within three years from a wide range of graphical solutions.

  • A broad range of print houses under the brand Punamusta, with everything from roll offset to sheet offset and digital printing, but also large format printing from Coloro which was acquired in 2022.
  • Solutions for digital signage in the company Profilight which was acquired in 2021. Coloro and Profilight has been placed in the same business unit.
  • Last year, Punamusta purchased the digital agency Exove, a company with 77 consultants. In this business area, the group also controls Rockon (bought in 2022) which spesializes in solutions for Product Information Management system (PIM).

Furthermore, Punamusta says that they are looking into an international expansion during the next years. The profit from the print business aims at 7 per cent, and 15 per cent from the large format printing and the agencies.

So far this year, Punamusta has already acquired two new print houses in Finland – Lehtisepät and I-print. Punamusta plans to close down both production plants.