Intermail will be printing the Danish ballot cards

✔️The del is worth 45 Million DKK ✔️ Print and distribution of ballot cards ✔️ Three years agreement

Intermail has won a tender for the upcoming Danish elections. The framework agreement includes both print and distribution of ballot cards to all elections in Denmark, which includes local elections, regional elections and parliamentary elections, EU elections and potential referendums.

The agreement starts July 1 2025 and is valued at 45 Million DKK. The agreement runs for three years with an option of one additional year.

According to Intermail, the agreement is not expected to influence Intermail’s financial results for 2023/24, but the company believes it will “contribute positively going forward.” Intermail confirms its financial expectations of a turnover in the range of 105-115 Million DKK and an EBITDA result of 15-20 Million DKK in 2023/24, according to a press release.