Come and listen to why print really matters!

Commentary written by Lasse Krogell:

NOPA is cooperating with Intergraf to organize the Print Matters 2024 conference in Bucharest on the 14th of June. There are still a few days left to register for the conference. Below you can read a summary of what to expect from the conference.

Interesting printing plant visit

On Thursday the 13th in the afternoon there is an opportunity to visit a modern; Printing plant, Impremeria ARTA GRAFICA. The company employs some 150 persons and operates in a modern, for the company planned and built, facility. They print among other products books in sheetfed offset and they have a large book bindery.

After the plant visit there will be the traditional conference welcoming cocktail at the hotel in the evening.

The conference highlights

Is it really worth attending the conference? During my time working for different printing companies, I was often asked what I gained by visiting a conference. I admit that sometimes it was difficult to give one simple answer to that question, but one thing I see as a clear benefit is: By attending regularly different events you keep your knowledge and understanding of the developments in the industry and knowledge about sectors related to our industry up to date. If you never, or very seldom, attend conferences you certainly miss a lot.

On the programme as a keynote, you will find an inspiring presentation by the German renovated print business consultant Bernd Zipper, giving us a Drupa Review. Another “must hear” presentation will be on major developments in the European graphic industry, held by Riley McNulty. His background is in customer experience, so I am waiting to hear his thoughts on where the customer demand is going and what influences that has on our industry.

As a recurrent topic on the Print Matters program there is the presentation by the winner of The Intergraf Young Talent Award. An always inspiring presentation. This year the topic is how AI might affect our industry. The presentation will be given by Pien Haks from The Netherlands.

In the third session we will hear about print vs digital in reading, sustainability, and consumer preferences. The question of the materials, printed or digital, used in schools for learning is a hot topic in many countries. Our NOPA President Håvard is a great ambassador for the prointed book and he has invited Kari Spjældnes to talk about new research results on the topic.

As the last topic on the program there are presentations on corporate sustainability reporting and deforestation. EU gives us directives and regulations that have to be applied in the industry. Also these are valuable information to take home from the event.

To take use of the discounted hotel rates in Bucharest, register and book your room not later than the 17th of May. To register use this link: registering now at this link . For the hotel room booking e-mail: inform your check in and check out dates and use the promo code Intergraf2024

As always, the Intergraf / NOPA conference is free of charge for member companies. Hope to meet you in Bucharest 13 – 14th of June.

Lasse Krogell