Stibo’s plan for V-tab in Sweden

Stibo posted the largest offer for the bankruptcy estate of V-tab’s roll-offset and sign business and is consequently now in control of the plants in Vimmerby and Jönköping. Branschkoll/Grafkom has spoken to CEO Sören Henriksen of Stibo about the future plans for Sweden.

– I have a really good gut feeling when it comes to this take-over, says Henriksen.

He points at the fact that Stibo’s plants in Katrineholm and Norrköping are performing well, and that Stibo will become even stronger with the additions of V-tab.

–  With Vimmerby and Katrineholm in Sweden, we have two really strategic plants in Sweden, with different competencies. This new relationship will benefit the entire Scandinavian region, Henriksen continues.

Stibo is taking over V-tab’s roll-offset business in Vimmerby, and its sign and large format business in Jönköping. Already, Stibo controls Gigantprint, a large format printer in Norrköping.

– We do have a very competent management at Gigantprint and I believe they will come up with some great synergies, Henriksen says.

Asked about who will be in charge in Sweden going forward, Henriksen says:

– We have  a really competent CEO in Katrineholm (Palle Jacobsen, editor’s note) and he will also be CEO for Vimmerby. I hope I am allowed to continue as CEO for the group, and in addition Jacobsen will play a very vital role and he will oversee everything in relation to Vimmerby and Gigantprint.

In 2016, Stibo acquired the bankruptcy estate after Sörmlands Grafiska in Katrineholm.

In 2018, Gigantprint became a part of Stibo. When the deal was done, Sören Henriksen said: ”The acquisition of Gigantprint is an important strategic step for us – we are expanding our graphic business from primarily being an industrial player to becoming a graphic super market.”

In October 2023, Stibo merged with the German print giant Eversfrank Gruppe.