Swedish Exakta signs groundbreaking deal with Gelato

Exakta, one of the largest graphic groups in the Nordics, has signed a deal with Gelato for the use of the software GelatoConnect. GelatoConnect connects procurement, workflow, and logistics to optimize printers’ efficiency, quality, and profitability.

“Without new software, we will not be able to reach our goals when it comes to efficiency and we will not be able to reach our profit goals,” says CEO Håkan Larsson at Exakta to Branschkoll at Drupa.

“We have been using GelatoConnect during a long time but only for Gelato’s orders. At the same time we have worked in other systems for our other e-commerce customers,” Larsson adds.

Now, Exakta will run all jobs through GelatoConnect. This means that everything in Exakta’s production will be integrated from procurement to workflow and logistics.

From several to one system

Exakta and Gelato have been working together for many years where Exakta has been delivering print orders coming through Gelato’s platform. Today, Gelato is one of Exakta’s largest clients.

“The difference between working with Gelato and other clients is that with Gelato it is not about delivering a tender and then you might get the job. With Gelato it is a partnership, in which you get very much involved, something that goes both ways when you know each other that well,” Larsson continues.

“My vision is that we can involve the entire graphic industry so that we will be able to automate our orders, pricing, production and then add our logistics. Then we will have a fully automated production, at least when it comes to software,” Larsson says.


“Some challenges along the road”

The question is if it is possible to have only one system for all production in a company like Exakta?

“You cannot say it is not possible, because then you give up. I believe it is possible even if there are some challenges along the road. But challenges make this journey exciting, There is a tradition of “we have tried this, it is not possible to change.” Of course it is possible to change, the question is only how and how far you can reach,” Larsson concludes.

Gelato was Exakta’s first e-commerce client, but today this has developed rapidly. Only recently, Exakta has added around 50 new ecommerce clients.