Grafkom is launching Carbon Balanced Paper

Grafkom is happy to announce that we are now launching Carbon Balanced Paper in the Nordics and Baltics.

The project, that has been running in the UK for some years now, is done in co-operation with the charity World Land Trust.

Carbon Balanced Paper stands out because of its simplicity. All you need to register is the total paper weight. Hence, this is a solution that should fit everyone – both small and big companies.

Carbon Balanced Paper is a simple way for companies to compensate for the CO2 impacts of their paper and printed products. The tool can be used by printers, paper suppliers, print buyers and everyone involved in the value chain of paper-based products.

“Sustainability is top priority across all industries now. With Carbon Balanced Paper, Grafkom is able to offer the printing industry a very simple and effective way to offset their CO2 emissions,” says Magnus Thorkildsen, partner in Grafkom.

Read more about Carbon Balanced Paper at our web page

Grafkom members will be able to balance their emissions at reduced rates. 

In addition to Carbon Balanced Paper, Grafkom will also offer the opportunity to offset all emissions from a company – Carbon Balanced Company.

Download our brochure here (In Swedish)

Download our brochure here (In Norwegian).

The carbon balancing is delivered by the charity World Land Trust through the protection and restoration of threatened forests in Vietnam.

“Grafkom has for some time been looking for a project within this field. The cooperation with World Land Trust feels great, especially since this is a very solid player which has been in this business for a long time and is supported by authorities like Sir David Attenborough. Increased focus on sustainability is decisive for the future of the printing industry, and we are therefore very happy to offer a tool everyone in the industry can benefit from,” says Thorkildsen.

More information will follow and if you are interested in using Carbon Balanced Paper for your business talk to Magnus Thorkildsen at +47 975 87 085 or email